About Me

About Me:

Welcome, my name is Maria, I am a psychic & tarot reader, a sole practitioner of natural holistic therapies and an Artist.


I grew up with a grandmother who was naturally gifted and taught me fom a very early age to honour that side of me that knows. I had my first deck of tarot cards gifted to me at 18 and so the journey began as with life.


I work with my intution psychically using the tarot-cards to shine some light on to the situation/pathway that we are walking . We always have choices and freewill sometimes through life's trials and tribulations it can be difficult to feel that. Tarot is for guidlines only please read the legal disclaimer.


I have been blessed to live in Cornwall for the past 18 years with my children.

I take my inspiration and strength from living in Cornwall and drawing on its natural beauty and constantly changing landscape. I combine the knowledge gained over many years in my readings with the Tarot and as a therapist with my understanding of colour as an artist .


I am blessed in my life to combine the things I am most passionate about in my work.

I have in the past four years survived a stroke at the age of 46 and kidney cancer in 2014.

My path has never been an easy one from childhood through to the present day, however I have always loved life, I have learned many valuable lessons through all the trials and tribulations that have come into my life.

I have always had a great faith and a heart full of gratitude for the blessings of this lifetime, a sense of wonderment and adventure, an appreciation of the simple things a beautiful sunset, the smell of the ocean, the sound of children’s laughter........and thanks for all the people that have loved me and I have loved.


I offer readings in person and via skype bookable and payable in advance.